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Executive Board

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Executive Board

Mission statement or goals:
The purpose of the Southwest Athletic Trainers’ Association (SWATA) shall be to enhance the quality of health care for the physically active; to promote and advance the profession of the athletic training profession; to promote a better working relationship among those who work toward the care and prevention of athletic injuries; enhance the health care of persons served by the Membership; safeguard and advance the membership; and to promote the free exchange of ideas and information within the Association. Promote, safeguard, and advance the profession of Athletic Training and its members.

Vice President:
District Director:
District Secretary:
Member at Large:
Arkansas Representative:
Texas Representative:
District Treasurer:
Recording Secretary:

Josh Woodall
Roy Rudewick
Chris Hall
Scott Galloway
Michelle Holt
David Strickland
Bubba Wilson
Chris Shaddock
Jeff Bass
Loree McCary