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Secondary Schools Committee

Mission statement or goals:
The SWATA Secondary School Athletic Trainers’ Committee is dedicated to recognizing the unique concerns and responsibilities associated with the secondary school athletic training practice setting and to developing resources that enhance the effectiveness and marketability of athletic trainers working in this setting.

Jason Cates – Chair
Elicia Leal
Matt Babisak
Justin Hargrove
Maria Rosanelli
Kristi Messina
Keliea Bullard
Matthew Blimline
TJ White – AATA Rep
Melissa Harrington – TSATA Rep
Chris Shaddock – SWATA EB Liaison

Safe Sports School Award Grant

To be considered for a SWATA Safe Sport School Award grant, applicants will be required to provide information such as proof of and NPI number, membership of NATA, and submit an application

When the SWATA SSATC receives the grant applications. They will score the applications and vet the applicants. SWATA SSATC will then notify the SWATA EB of the winners (Up to SIX) and the NATA GAC of our grant recipients. The NATA will then send an invoice to SWATA for the grant winners.