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SWATA Symposium
From the SWATA Executive Board and Program Committee: 

Your SWATA 2020 registration will provide you access to a Virtual SWATA 2020 Educational Library via EventRebels so you can watch, learn, and evaluate diverse speaker presentations covering the domains of Athletic Training practice. A variety of speakers from across many disciplines are being secured with each lecture being 1, 1.5, or 2 CEUs each. Each registrant will be able to review a “menu” of lectures with abstracts and learning objectives, select their choices, and participate on their own time from August 1st – October 1st, 2020.   

  • Your registration fee of $65 will provide you with a maximum of 20 CEUs
  • If you have already paid by check or credit card – you will receive an email asking how you would like to proceed – you will have the following options 
    • FULL REFUND  – you do not plan to attend online (refund will be sent to the credit card on file)
    • PARTIAL REFUND – I plan to attend online (refund will be sent to the credit card on file)
    • DONATE BALANCE (only applies to personal cards) – I plan to attend and want to donate the remaining balance to the NATA Education Foundation

You will have the choice of a variety of topics including Category A credit, EBP credit, and Concussion focused presentations. 

  • WITHIN your max 20 CEUs you will be entitled to a total of 6 EBP CEUs.
    • In order to obtain Category A CEUs you will need to view at least 90% of the recorded lecture and complete a survey regarding the presenter and material.
    • In order to obtain EBP CEUs you will need to view at least 90% of the recorded lecture and complete an enhanced survey (i.e., quiz/knowledge check + presenter/topic evaluation)

SWATA Executive Board

2020 SWATA Virtual Symposium FAQs

Why did the SWATA Executive Board choose to move to a virtual format for the 2020 Symposium?

The Executive Board has been monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the Spring and met earlier this month to discuss the best course of action for the SWATA Convention 2020. Health and safety of the membership and the association was our top priority. Therefore, the decision was made to make SWATA 2020 a virtual educational symposium.

What if I already registered for the 2020 Symposium?

If you already registered for the 2020 Symposium you should have received correspondence laying out several options for your payment. You can apply the payment that was received to cover your new registration costs and the remaining balance will be refunded to the point of origin. If you do not choose that option, the check will be sent back to the point of origin or the credit card used to pay for the registration will be refunded. If you have not received any correspondence, you can contact Scott Galloway at sgalloway@wsisd.net

If you previously registered and checked “pay later” and never sent a check YOU WILL NEED TO REGISTER AGAIN. 

What if I reserved a hotel room at the Arlington Sheraton?

The Arlington Sheraton has cancelled and refunded all reservations for the 2020 SWATA Symposium if you made a reservation within our SWATA hotel block. If the Hotel cancelled their reservation, an email was sent to them directly letting them know it was cancelled

If you made arrangements outside of our block at the Arlington Sheraton, you will need to make contact and handle those arrangements. 

What is the format of the new Virtual Educational Symposium?

Educational sessions will be pre-recorded and compiled in a virtual library. Paid registrants will be able to access the virtual library and choose what sessions they would like to “attend”. Following that session, upon completion of the post-meeting evaluation/quiz, you will be issued your CEU certificate. 

How much does it cost to register for the 2020 SWATA Virtual Symposium?

$65 for SWATA Members and $95 for non-SWATA members.

Do you have to be a SWATA Member to register for the 2020 SWATA Virtual Symposium?

No. Anyone can register and receive CEUs during the 2020 SWATA Virtual Symposium.

Can school districts pay for multiple Athletic Trainers with one check?

Yes. Simply mark somewhere on the check/in the envelope which Athletic Trainers the registration is covering.

Is there a deadline / late fee for payments?

There is no deadline / late fee for payments. Participants can register up until the virtual library closes and still be able to participate but will still be required to participate in sessions to get credit. 

When will the virtual library be available to registrants? How long will I have to participate in my courses?

The virtual library will open to all paid registrants on August 1, 2020. The virtual library will close on October 1, 2020. Participant can participate in educational sessions at any point in that time frame but must complete all post meeting evaluations/quizzes by the end of day October 1st.

How many CEU’s will be available for the 2020 SWATA Virtual Symposium?

Each registrant will be able to receive up to 20 CEU’s. Within the total of 20 CEUs, up to 6 of those CEUs can be Evidence Based if the registrant chooses to participate in those courses. Each registrant has the option to choose what type of classes (Category A/EBP and Domain area) they participate in but can receive no more than 20 CEU’s.

How do I receive my CEUs once a session is complete?

Registrants must participate in 90% of a session to have access to the post-meeting evaluation/quiz. Once those are completed and submitted the CEU certificate for that session will be generated for you.

Will there be any “live” events during the SWATA Virtual Symposium?

The SWATA Business Meeting will be held on Saturday August 1st (more details to come). Registrants will have the availability to tune in and watch the live Business Meeting at that point. At the conclusion of the SWATA Business Meeting the 2020 SWATA Virtual Symposium will be open for participants.

Will there be any vendor participation during the 2020 SWATA Virtual Symposium?

The SWATA Convention Committee is working diligently to incorporate our awesome vendors into the 2020 Symposium. More information will be coming soon as to how registrants can continue to support our vendors.

What happens with recognizing our 2020 SWATA Award winners?

One of the highlights of SWATA Symposium is the having the opportunity to recognize and honor our colleagues that have received one of our SWATA Honors and Awards. Congratulations to the following outstanding SWATA Members: 

Eddie Wojecki Award – Jason Cates

Frank Medina Award – Kembra Mathis

Bobby Gunn Unsung Hero Award – Jason Cates

James Dodson New Horizon Award – Catherine Windsor

John Harvey Humanitarian Award – Natalie Trotter

Honorary Membership – Joan Hodges and Dr. Shane Miller

Excellence in Athletic Training – Antse Woods, Christopher Foley and Grant Stovall

Christine M. Bonci Award for Excellence in Athletic Training Scholarship – Deena Kilpatrick 

The SWATA Honors and Awards Committee is working diligently to develop ways in which we can best recognize these amazing professionals! 

Will there be an opportunity to support the Research and Education Foundation or the Political Action Committee this year?

Yes! While we will not be able to hold our traditional Silent Auction or our PAC benefits, there will an opportunity to support these two organizations. More details will come and will be added to the registration page when they become available. 

What will SWATA look like in 2021?

The goal of the SWATA Executive Board is to assure that everyone remains safe during these unprecedented and trying times. Currently, we look forward to SWATA returning to normalcy in 2021 as we travel to Little Rock, Arkansas. All your favorite SWATA activities and social events will return as we return to the Little Rock Marriott (formerly the Peabody) and the Statehouse Convention Center from July 21-24, 2021! 

Symposium Future Dates

7/22-7/25 2021- Little Rock, AR

Convention Co-Chairs:
David Traylor
Nikki Vincent

Cindy Trowbridge

Karl Kapchinski
Trent Cox

Catherine Windsor
Stephanie Greeson

Honors and Awards:
Cody Jenschke
Julie Parker

Starting March 1st, 2019 there will be a $25 fee for requesting CEU certificates from past SWATA Symposiums.
Please click here: CEU Recovery Request