The SWATA recognizes those who have supported the profession of athletic training by distinguishing them as Honorary Members to the Southwest Athletic Trainers Association.  These individuals have given countless hours and resources to assist athletic trainers within the local community in providing the best possible medical care for the physically active population.  


SWATA Honorary Members
John Richard Anderson, MD Bert Franks, MD Joseph Milne, MD
Sandy B. Bahm II, MD Frank Freeman James Montgomery, MD
Walton Bartels, MD Tandy Freeman, MD Howard A. Moore, MD
James M. Beckley, MD Scott J. Frost, MD Sam Morgan, MD
Becky Berryhill Ben Garza Jess Parr, MD

James Bowden, MD

Phyliss Glenn Scott Paschal, MD
Joe Bramhall, MD Louis Harman, MD Robert Pierce, MD
Stephen Brotherton, MD

George Haynie

Joey Pirrung, MD
Roy Brown Jack H. Henry, MD Henry A. Reid, MD
Arthur P. Burdine, MD James Herbertson Charles Rockwood, MD
Jim Cody Wallas Hess, MD Robert Roundtree, MD
Tom D. Coker, MD Shannon Holloway, MD Vernon Ryan, MD
John Conway, MD John Jamison, MD David D. Sanderson, MD
RW Covington, MD Fred Jacoby Robert Scheinberg, MD
Lem Cox Homer Johnon Emmitt Shannon, MD
Jack Cramer, MD Kenneth Johnons, MD JW Shufield, MD
Ralp Curtins, MD Jerry Don Julian, MD Jerry L. Sims, MD
Thurston Dean, MD E. Clayton Kahler, MD Edward T. Smith, MD
Jess DeLee, MD Marvin P. Knight, MD Hulin "Hoot" Smith
Glenn Dickson, MD J. Byron Landress, MD Cliff Stearns
Eve Becker-Doyle Ira Livingston, MD James Sterling, MD
Mary Edgerly Elbert Loveless, MD Elmer Tarbox
J. Pat Evens, MD Walter Lowe, MD Paul C. Trichett, MD
Donald Floyd, MD Henry Mayer, MD Robert Vandermeer, MD
James P. Fogarty, MD J. Brooks McIntyre El Whitley, MD
    JR Zamorano, MD