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YPC (Young Professionals)

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Young Professionals Committee

Mission statement or goals:
The mission of the YPC is to increase recruitment of young athletic training professionals in SWATA, drive retention of young athletic trainers with 5-10 years of post-certification experience, and grow the number of young athletic training professionals attending SWATA Annual Symposium.

To provide an environment in SWATA that is welcoming to Associate members, encouraging these members to be involved in the professional organization, develop networking and advising programs for young athletic training professionals, and provide a network of mentorship to bridge the gap between recent graduates and professional experience.

To be a resource for young professionals to understand governmental proceedings and athletic training activism, encourage SWATA young professionals involved in NATA meetings, educational opportunities and community service projects, and ensure that the goals and objectives of the National YPC are accurately represented in Texas and Arkansas.

Chair: Lyndsey Rich
TX Chairman: Rolando Salas
Christina Fry
Lesley Vandermark
Jacob Walton-Conner
Charles Legmeg
Layci Watts
Christopher Smith
Jennifer Corder