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Frank Medina Award

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Frank Medina Award
Past Recipients

1979 Tom Wilson
1980 Wayne Rideout
1981 T.C. Cox
1982 Logan Wood
1983 James Dodson
1984 Billy Pickard
1985 Cash Birdwell
1986 Michael Stephens
1987 Bobby Lane
1988 Paul Zeek
1989 Pete Carlon
1990 Ken Locker
1991 Ken Murray
1992 Sanford Miller
1993 Allen Eggert
1994 Mike Saly
1995 David Heidt
1996 Bill Wissen
1997 Tom Woods
1998 T. Ross Bailey
1999 Lou Fincher
2000 Arnold Thomas
2001 Dennis Hart
2002 Ron Carroll
2003 Doug Gibbins
2004 Brian Conway
2005 Larry Gardner
2006 Jeff Bass
2007 Randy Matthews
2008 Mike Pruitt
2009 Mark Gilbert
2010 Bucky Taylor
2011 Karl Kapchinski
2012 Eddie Lane
2013 Al Wilson
2014 Steve Simpson
2015 Mike Stokic
2016 Roy Rudewick
2017 Elicia Leal
2018 Valerie Tinklepaugh-Hairston
2019 Stephanie Jevas-Roegels
2020 Kembra Mathis
2021 Carla Heffner
2022 Jan Kiilsgaard
2023 Brendon McDermott
2024 Andi Green

This prestigious award is given annually to an athletic trainer who has made significant contributions throughout their career to the athletic training profession. The recipient of this award is selected by a three member committee, comprised of the three previous Medina Award recipients.

Frank Medina

Significant Contributions to Athletic Training and education of students: A Lincoln, Nebraska native, born May 15, 1915, Medina was an early pioneer and preeminent educator whose influence upon the practice of athletic training is still seen in athletic training facilities around the nation today. Numerous former athletic training students of Medina’s took head athletic training positions at the high school and collegiate levels.

Education: Frank, a native Indian, attended the Haskell Institute (Haskell Indian Nations University, Lawrence, Kansas) and later St. Mary’s College (California) and the University of Texas.

Professional Experience: Medina was employed at the Haskell Institute, St. Mary’s College, and Arizona State College. In 1945 he began a long, exemplary career at the University of Texas at Austin where he remained until his retirement in the late 1970s.

Elected Positions:

  • NATA, National (District) Director, 1950

Honors and Awards:

  • SWATA Hall of Fame Charter Member, 1985
  • NATA Hall of Fame Member
  • Recipient of the “Trainer of the Year” Award from the Rockne Foundation, 1954 and 1961
  • Athletic Trainer, US Olympic Team, London, England 1948
  • Athletic Trainer, World Deaf Olympics, 1961, 1965
  • Athletic Trainer, Represented the US State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural

Other Contributions:

  • International presentations included:
    • Presentation to the 25 most outstanding coaches in Ankara, Turkey
    • “Practices and Techniques in Athletic Training,” at the Greek Medical Association, Athens, Greece, 1958
    • “American Practices and Techniques in Athletic Training,” Russian medical group meeting, Moscow, Russia
  • SWATA Presentations, including:
    • “Ethics in the Athletic Training Profession,” 1957
  • Articles published in:
    • Southern Coach and Athlete
    • The Texas Coach
    • The Athletic Journal