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Eddie Wojecki Award

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Eddie Wojecki Award
Past Recipients

1968 Logan Wood
1969 James Dodson
1970 Gibb Weaver
1971 Tom Wilson
1972 Paul Zeek
1973 Billy Pickard
1974 T.C. Cox
1975 James Ketchum
1976 Wayne Rideout
1977 Tom Wilson
1978 Cash Birdwell
1979 John Barnett
1980 Al Wilson
1981 T. Ross Bailey
1982 Allen Eggert
1983 Charlie Henry
1984 Michael Stephens
1985 Bernie LaReau
1985 Henry Birdwell
1986 Ken Murray
1987 Ken Locker
1988 Pete Carlon
1989 Cash Birdwell
1990 Paul Zeek
1991 Rick Davis
1992 Everett Blackburn
1993 Randy Matthews
1994 Cash Birdwell
1995 Larry Gardner
1996 Pete Carlon
1997 Mich Stephens
1998 Arnold Thomas
1999 Dennis Hart
2000 Robert Maniscalco
2001 Tom Woods
2002 Doug Gibbins
2003 Brian Conway
2004 Melinda Terry
2005 Mike Carroll
2006 Sandford Miller
2007 Mitzi Laughlin
2008 David Weir
2009 Chris Hall
2010 Mike Pruitt
2011 Karl Kapchinski
2012 Scott Galloway
2013 Britney Webb
2014 David Gish
2015 Lorna Strong
2016 Cindy Trowbridge
2017 Dean Weber
2018 Kathy Dieringer
2019 Laura Kunkle
2020 Jason Cates
2021 James “Bubba” Wilson
2022 Thomas Woods
2023 Lorna Strong
2024 TBD

This award is given annually to an athletic trainer who has made outstanding contributions to the Southwest Athletic Trainers’ Association within the past two years. The nominee’s for this award are selected by a committee of the three previous Wojecki Award recipients’. Nominee’s names are then put on the mail out ballot and voted on by the membership. The recipient is announced at the annual SWATA Awards Banquet

Edward J. “Eddie” Wojecki

Outstanding Contributions to SWATA and NATA: Born January 1, 1911 in Erie Pennsylvania, Eddie Wojecki became one of the preeminent leaders in SWATA and NATA. His influence in the early development and governance of both organizations was consummate.

Education: Eddie received his high school diploma from the Erie Academy and later attended Howard (Samford) College in Birmingham, Alabama. He ultimately earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Louisiana Tech in 1936.

Professional Experience: While at Howard College, Eddie was the Athletic Trainer and an Instructor of Gymnastics. He later served as athletic trainer and instructor of physical education at Louisiana Tech from 1936 to 1942. During World War II, he went to Athens, Georgia to serve as an athletic trainer for the US Navy Pre-Flight School. Upon leaving Georgia, Wojecki became Head Athletic Trainer at the Rice Institute (University) where he remained until his death.

Elected Positions:

  • SWATA President, 1954, 1955
  • District VI Director, 1956
  • Chair of the NATA Board of Directors, 1956

Honors and Awards:

  • SWATA Hall of Fame Charter Member, 1985
  • NATA Hall of Fame Member
  • Head Athletic Trainer, US Olympic Team, 1952, Helsinki, Finland

Other Contributions:

  • Wojecki provided multiple presentations to other allied health organizations to increase awareness of athletic trainers and sports medicine. Major presentations included:
    • Texas Physical Therapy Association, 1953
    • American Academy of General Practice, 1955
    • Texas Medical Association, 1957
  • Wojecki also spoke at least 11 state coaching meetings around the United States and also at the Canadian Collegiate Association
  • Several articles were published by Wojecki. The titles included:
    • “Pre-season Conditioning”
    • “The Acromioclavicular Separation”
    • “Atrophy of Quadriceps”
    • “Heat Exhaustion in Athletics”
    • “Cause and Effect of Athletic Injuries”
    • “Diet in Athletics”