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Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award

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Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award

In 2010 the Honors & Awards Committee began the SWATA “Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer” award. This award was developed for the purpose of recognizing a member of District VI whose dedicated service, past achievements, and professional contributions have furthered the advancement of the SWATA and the athletic training profession.

Candidates for the award must meet the following criteria for consideration of selection:

  • A minimum of twenty (20) years of professional service to the profession
  • Certified or Associate member in good standing
  • Be or have been a member of District VI, working, retired, or deceased
  • Elected, appointed, or volunteer service or significant contributions to the SWATA
  • SWATA Hall of Fame Members are not eligible for this award
Past Recipients

2010 John Anderson
2010 Tina Bonci
2010 Lou Fincher
2010 Brent Mangus
2010 Catherine Ortega
2010 Michael O’Shea
2010 Mike Pruitt
2010 John Ransone
2010 Rebecca Spurlock
2010 Cindy Trowbridge
2010 Antoinette VanDePutte
2011 Cathy Supak
2011 Britney Webb
2011 George Young

2012 Mike Carroll
2012 Terry DeWitt
2012 Pam Rast
2012 Lorna Strong
2012 Jason Cates
2013 Brian Conway
2013 Mitzi Laughlin
2013 Mike Sims
2013 Billy Ray Laxton
2013 Dan O’Connor
2013 David Stuckey
2013 Steve Simpson
2014 Chris Hall
2014 Benito Velasquez

2015 Mike Pace
2016 Elicia Leal
2016 Linda Bobo
2017 John Young
2018 Leslee Taylor
2019 Brian Farr
2019 Scott Galloway
2019 Darrell ’Red’ Ganus
2019 Rob Sandmann
2019 David Traylor
2021 James “Bubba” Wilson
2022 Doin Dahlke, Jan Kiilsgard, David Strickland, Mike Waters, Luzita Vela
2023 Cat Marr, Josh Woodall
2024 Jamie Woodall