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Christine Bonci

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Christine M. Bonci Award

A New Award for SWATA.

2018 Linda Lobo

The SWATA Christine M. Bonci Award for Excellence in Athletic Training Scholarship was developed for the purpose of recognizing a member of District VI who has actively impacted athletic training practice, education, or scholarship through active Athletic Training Scholarship via a publication or a significant professional presentation.

Christine M. Bonci

Christine as an athletic trainer and assistant athletic director at the University of Texas- Austin and worked with athletes for 28 years. Under her direction, UT developed an interdisciplinary model for health care that focused on clinical, research and educational initiatives that have preventive, health-restoring and performance-enhancing potential. The model demonstrated how medical practitioners, university academicians and researchers, exercise scientists, coaches, and administrators could be integrated within the framework of higher education to positively influence the health, safety, and well-being of student-athletes. Additionally, Christine was a clinical scholar, as she was the primary author of the NATA’s position statement on disordered eating.